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CEFER Challenge 2024: Extraordinary performance of the students of our Master program


Two teams of students from the master program have achieved remarkable success in the 2024 CEFER Challenge hosted by the Lithuanian Central Bank.

The Lithuanian Central Bank organizes the CEFER Challenge, an annual thematic competition related to the euro area macroeconomy, the Eurosystem, and the implementation of monetary policy. The competition is open to university students from various academic disciplines. This year, both the winner and the runner-up team were formed by students from our Master program.

Winner Team: Leandro Bischof, John Ledvinsky, Christoph Walch, Diego Ubierna Fonfría

Runner-Up Team: Santiago del Real Lecand, Panagiota Charalampidou, Mayukh Mukhopadhyay

Congratulations to our talented students for their outstanding performance!

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