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Bachelor’s Thesis

Bachelor’s degree students interested in our research groups are invited to write their bachelor’s thesis on a current topic in the field of ecological economics. For an overview of the Institute’s research groups, please click here.


There are three requirements for writing a bachelor’s thesis at the Institute for Ecological Economics:

  • First, successful completion of the course “Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens” (GWA, Academic Research Techniques).

  • Second, successful completion of at least one of the two ZuWi (Future-Oriented Business) courses and one of the two courses from the elective module “Umwelt und Wirtschaft” (Environmental Economics).

  • Third, the topic of the bachelor’s thesis has to relate to one of the Institute’s current research groups.

Research Proposal

If a student fulfills all of the three requirements mentioned above, he or she may submit a research proposal to the Institute’s bachelor’s theses coordinator. The proposal should be 3-5 pages long and cover the following elements:

  • Working title

  • Theoretical framework

  • Research question

  • Research design

  • Suggested paper outline

  • Bibliography

The research proposal has to be submitted via email. Once the research proposal is accepted by the coordinator, the student will be allocated to a supervisor. Acceptance and allocation also depend on the free capacities of the available supervisors.

Bachelor’s theses may be written in English or German.

General information on writing bachelor’s theses at WU can be found here.

For further information about bachelor programs at WU, please visit the WU bachelor’s programs info page.

Suggested Subjects

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Stagl, MS.   

  • food & sustainability (environmental and social impacts of food, international trade, innovative food initiatives, etc.)   

  • Energy & sustainability (renewable energy, climate change, etc.)   

  • Work in a sustainable economy   

  • Sustainable behaviours, incl. pioneers of change, tipping points

Barbara GAAL

Barbara GAAL

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