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Research Seminar Series

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19th Sept. 2018, 11:00-12:00am, D5.3.033Prof. de Angelis
(Univer­sity of Bologna)
Inves­ti­ga­ting the term struc­ture of govern­ment bond yields: A co-in­te­gra­tion analysis
18th June 2018, 10:00-11:30am, D5.3.019Prof. Tim Foxon
(Univer­sity of Sussex)
Energy and Economic Growth: Why we need a new pathway to prospe­rity
11th June 2018
3-4pm, D5.3.033
Ass.Prof.Dr. Thomas Bruder­mann
(Univer­sity Graz)
Energy tran­si­tions in the global north, energy trilemmas in the global south
CANCELLEDDr. David Frayne
Cardiff Univer­sity    
‘Post-Work’ Theory and the Ecolo­gical Promise of a Shorter Working Week


23rd March 2017, 6.30pm D5.3.033Prof.Dr.em. Adel­heid Bies­ecker
Univer­sity Bremen
"Jenseits vom Wachs­tums­zwang - Vorsor­gendes Wirt­schaften und (Re)Produk­ti­vität"
7th April 2017
Dr. Julia Stein­berger
Asso­ciate Professor at the School of Earth and Envi­ron­ment, Univer­sity of Leeds
„Energy requi­re­ments of well-being“
26th May 2017
Prof. Clair Brown
Director of the Center for Work, Tech­no­logy and Society, Univer­sity Berkeley
"Buddhist Econo­mics"


27 Oct 2016 4pmKaro­lina Safar­zynksa
Univer­sity of Warsaw
Expe­ri­ments on collec­tive deci­sion making in common pool resources
10 Nov 2016Irmgard Seidl
Rese­arch Unit Econo­mics and Social Science, Swiss Federal Rese­arch Insti­tute, Zürich
(1) Energy and post-growth; or (2) grow­t­h-­de­pen­dence of social insti­tu­tions incl. health, pensions, labour markets; or (3) land use, urban sprawl and drivers
02 Dec 2016David Barkin, Profesor de Economía
Univer­sidad Auto­noma Metro­po­li­tana-Xochi­milco
Radical Ecolo­gical Econo­mics - Perspec­tives from Latin America