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Ecological Economics Seminars (IEES)

IEES WS 2021/22

13th Oct 202112pm-1:30pmAsjad NaqviDecoupling trends of emissions across EU regions and the role of environmental policies
27th Oct 202112pm-1:30pmMatthias GalanContestation in the making: Studying perceptions of the interplay of global and local production networks in the Indian off-grid solar sector
3rd Nov 202112pm-1:30pmHalliki KreininSlowing the treadmill for a Good Life for All?  German trade union narratives and social-ecological transformation
17th Nov 202112pm-1:30pmSebastian LuckenederMining, land-use, and regional income in Brazil: Questioning the sustainability of resource-dependent "development"
18th Dec 202112pm-1:30pmLouison Cahen-Fourot & Steve KnaussEcologically unequal exchange and uneven development patterns along global value chains
22th Dec 202112pm-1:30pmZully Rosadio Cayllahuatba
19th Jan 202212pm-1:30pmRégis Gourdel & Irene MonasteroloAssessing the double materiality of climate risks: a dynamic climate stress test of the EU economy and banking sector
26th Jan 202212pm-1:30pmRoman Hausmanntba