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Ecological Economics Seminars (IEES)

IEES SS 2019

Below you find the list of our Institute for Ecological Economics Seminars (IEES) in SS 2019:

05.03.12-13D5.3.033Nepomuk Dunz & Asjad NaqviImpacts of greening financial regulation on bank stability in a North-South model
20.03.12-13D5.3.033Victor MausUsing Earth Observation for spatially-explicit supply chain assessments
10.04..12-13D1.2.092Martin BrucknerGlobal supply chains in the bioeconomy: food, feed, fuel and fibre
22.05.12-13D1.2.092Viviana AsaraThe social outcomes of the movement of the squares: untangling their radical imaginaries
05.06.11-12D5.3.033Emanuele Campiglio, Louison Cahen-FourotCapital stranding assets: The impact of decarbonisation on productive asset utilisation
26.06.12-13D1.2.092Gillian FosterCircular models leveraging investments in cultural heritage adaptive reuse