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de SCHUTTER Liesbeth, Dipl.-Ing.

Lies­beth de SCHUTTER

Lies­beth de SCHUTTER

Research Associate/ PhD Student

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Welthandelsplatz 1/D5/level 3
1020 Vienna, Austria


Research Interest

  • Agriculture and food systems

  • Human needs, the bioeconomy and the natural environment

  • Sustainable land use

  • Social and environmental impacts related to agriculture

  • Environmental justice

  • Interdisciplinary science (complex systems)

  • Multi-method approaches (input-output analysis, environmental accounting, DEA, qualitative aproaches)

Current Projects

  • BIOWAY: Pathways towards a prosperous EU bioeconomy: the role of the bioeconomy in a socio-ecological transformation. OeNB granted project. November 2016-Mai 2018.

  • ENVINEQ: Environmental inequality in Europe: Towards an environmental justice framework for Austria in an EU context. January-September 2017

  • The Land Footprint of the EU Bioeconomy. Analysing past and future cropland demand for non-food products. September-November 2016

Recent Publications

  • De Schutter, L., M. Bruckner, S. Giljum, A. Naqvi and I. Oman. Forthcoming. Towards a scaleable framework to assess functions and footprints of the EU bioeconomy.

  • De Schutter L., H.P. Wieland, S. Giljum and B. Gözet. (2017). Environmental Inequality in Europe (AK-Wien).

  • Land under Pressure. Global Impacts of the EU Bioeconomy. 2016. S. Giljum, M. Bruckner, B. Gözet and L. de Schutter. (Friends of the Earth Europe).

  • De Schutter L. and S. Lutter. 2016. The True Cost of Consumption: The EU Land Footprint (Friends of the Earth Europe).

  • De Schutter L., M. Bruckner and S. Giljum. 2015. Klima und Ernährung in Österreich. Auswirkungen der österreichischen Ernährung auf das Klima (WWF Austria).

  • Bio by Deloitte et al. 2014. Study supporting potential land and soil targets under the 2015 Land Communication (European commission, DG ENV).

  • De Schutter L. and S. Giljum. 2014. A calculation of the EU Bioenergy land footprint (Friends of the Earth Europe).

  • Giljum S., H.P. Wieland, M. Bruckner, L. de Schutter and K. Giesecke. 2013. Land Footprint scenarios (Friends of the Earth Europe).

  • Bruckner, M., de Schutter, L., Schriefl, E., Haider, A., Bohunovsky, L., Lugschitz, B. & Polzin, C. (2013): Scenarios of RE Technology growth. Progress Report 3 in: Feasible Futures for the Common Good. Energy Transition Paths in a Period of Increasing Resource Scarcities, funded by Klima Energie Fonds. SERI, energieautark consulting, Vienna.

  • Hoste, R.; Wagenberg, C.P.A. van; Bergevoet, R.H.M.; de Schutter, L. (2007). Investeren in de varkenskolom in Hongarije, Roemenië, Oekraïne en Rusland. Research report. LEI: Den Haag.