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New PNAS paper on mining and tropical deforestation

Researchers from the Institute for Ecological Economics, together with other universities, have presented the first comprehensive study on the spread of forest loss due to intensified mining. The…

Sustainability Challenge

13. Sustainability Challenge



Armon Rezai points to the beneficiaries of high inflation in Die Presse

Armon Rezai seeks to highlight the positive aspects of high inflation in his commentary in Die Presse. Arguing that, while the high inflation rates are ubiquitous in economic policy debates, their…


Call for EU Parliament to uphold CO2 reductions proposal in Le Monde commentary

In an open letter in Le Monde, Armon Rezai along with 25 other activists and academics specializing in economics and climate policies, calls for MEPs not to distort the EU Commission’s CO2 emission…


Armon Rezai quoted on stranded assets and climate policy in Ars Technica.

Ars Technica article “Why our continued use of fossil fuels is creating a financial time bomb“ discusses Armon Rezai’s research on the financial implications of climate policy. …


Stefan Giljum is ranked #7 in Austria among Top Economics Scientists, a platform that evaluates researchers in selected disciplines, has released the 2022 Edition of the Ranking of Top Scientists in ‘Economics and Finance’. Stefan Giljum from the…


Energy Journal Best Paper Award 2021

Klara Zwickl (WU), Simon Sturn (WU), and James Boyce (UMASS) won the "Campell Watkins The Energy Journal Best Paper Award” in 2021" for their article "Effects of Carbon Mitigation on Co-pollutants at…

bmsc final report

New study on "Sustainable investments for retail investors in Austria"

Achieving ambitious climate mitigation goals require more low-carbon investments to fill the “green investment gap”. Beyond public funds, what can private retail investors do to support the transition…


Institute closed

For the duration of the Austria-wide federal lockdown (currently from November 22 to December 12), our secretary office is closed! But you can contact the secretary office during the opening hours…


WU Best Paper Award 2021

The WU Best Paper Award, established in 2000, is presented annually to the authors of outstanding academic contributions published in the previous calendar year. The WU Best Paper Award is funded by…