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Research Area

Univ. Prof. Christina Schamp

All her research projects share the notion of addressing a relevant trend in consumer decision-making with a broad range of different, cutting-edge research methods. Trained as social psychologist, at the core of her research are behavioral experiments. However, she also employs meta-analytical studies, secondary data research, and machine learning methods. Given her prior work experience for a top-management consulting company, her research projects are practice driven, often in cooperation with both startups and multinational companies.

In the following, you will find more details about her research:

Ethnic consumer buying behaviour

Moral consumerism in the digital sphere

Virality of texts and images in social media

Dr. Melanie Clegg

Melanie Clegg‘s research projects primarily investigate consumer perceptions of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Specifically, she looks into whether, why, and under which circumstances consumers are willing to co-operate with and rely on algorithms and artificial intelligence. One aspect of this research focuses on creative co-work, innovation processes, and personalization enabled by artificial intelligence, and how consumers react to artificial intelligence in these domains. Another aspect deals with ethical pitfalls for businesses and society that are caused by the increasing impact of algorithms on professional and private aspects of our lives, and how can firms deal with such ethical compromises.

A second research focus of her lies in social interactions in the digital space such as social media platforms. Here, she primarily examines facettes of user-generated content that drive proliferation and motives that increase content creation and sharing.

To tackle these questions, Melanie Clegg uses a mixture of behavioral experiments, secondary data analysis, qualitative and quantitative analyses of text data as well as machine learning approaches.