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Verena Dorner: KI, Emotionen und Entscheidungen

Lange Nacht der Forschung 2024
Society. Technology. Sustainablity.

24. Mai 2024, 18:30 Uhr, TC Gebäude

Bei Entscheidungen verlassen wir uns immer öfter auf Technologie. Was bringt AI Advice wirklich? Worauf muss man dabei aufpassen? Und wie kann man Bias und Vorurteile vermeiden?

Alle Details zur Veranstaltung finden Sie hier

The Digital Euro

In the WU matters.WU talks. series
22 May, 6pm, LC Building

The euro was introduced as book money 25 years ago, and it has played a key role in European integration ever since. A further milestone was reached in 2002 with the introduction of euro cash. However, there is still no uniform European standard for digital payments. What does this mean for Europe’s competitiveness? When will the digital euro be launched? And how can it serve as a platform for innovation and growth? Experts from the OeNB and WU explain how the interoperable system increases efficiency and reduces costs, breaks down barriers, and builds trust, thus boosting product development in business.

Verena Dorner, Professor of Information Systems, Head of the Institute for Digital Ecosystems, WU Vienna
Petia Niederländer, Director of the Payments, Risk Monitoring and Financial Literacy Department, OeNB
Guido Schäfer, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, WU Vienna
Matthias Schroth, Director of the Cash Management, Equity Interests and Internal Services Department, OeNB

moderated by Marlies Faulmann, OeNB


AI in Digital Government. Balancing innovation and data sovereignty. WU joins the World Bank GovTech network!

In the WU matters.WU talks. series
10 April, 6pm, LC Building

Changing your place of residence, renewing your passport, applying for a postal voting card – digital services simplify public administration. Now AI is set to revolutionize digital government services (GovTech). How can GovTech leverage AI to swiftly adjust to the changing needs of diverse citizen groups? How can AI assist in the sustainable digital transformation in low- and middle-income countries? And what does that mean for data sovereignty? What is a good balance between inclusive, convenient government services and control over your data?

João Ricardo Vasconcelos, Senior Governance Specialist, GovTech Global Partnership, World Bank

Alexander Banfield-Mumb, Deputy Head of Department Digital Strategies and Innovation, Federal Ministry of Finance
Tiago Peixoto, Senior Public Sector Specialist, World Bank
Ana Simic, Member of the supervisory boards of ASFINAG and EuroTeleSites AG
Jurgen Willems, Professor for Public Management and Governance, WU

moderated by Verena Dorner, Professor for Digital Ecosystems, WU

Join us for a timely debate about how AI will reshape digital government services.


Another successful PhD Network event at WU!

PhD students from across WU came together for an evening of camaraderie, pizza, and stimulating conversations. It was wonderful to witness the exchange of research ideas and experiences, fostering a supportive community among our young researchers across various departments. The event was also a warm welcome to several new praedocs who have joined WU. We are grateful for our visiting researcher Maike Althaus from the University of Paderborn for attending the event and we would be delighted to have her at our institute in the future! Special thanks to the Department for Information Systems and Operations Management for their unwavering support, without which such gatherings wouldn't be possible.

Welcome back, Maike!

Maike Althaus

Maike Althaus, research assistant at the Chair of Business Information Systems, esp. Digital Markets at Paderborn University, is visiting the Institute for Digital Ecosystems to discuss the follow-up study to our last experiment.
We look forward to inspiring discussions!

We are pleased to welcome our new colleague Elizaveta Yoshida

Elizaveta Yoshida

Elizaveta Yoshida is now strengthening our team. We look forward to working with you in the future and give you a warm welcome!

Kenneth Qua presents at the 57th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences in Honolulu, Hawaii

I had an enriching discussion after presenting my paper, co-authored with Professor Verena Dorner and Akos Barta, titled “See It, Say It: Encouraging Citizen Reporting of Sustainability and Inclusivity Infrastructure Issues in Cities”.
The paper discusses how citizen reporting can be encouraged to improve public infrastructure issues in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 11 on creating sustainable and inclusive cities. Read the full paper here.

Anke, it was great to have you at our institute

Anke Greif-Winzrieth

We were very happy to welcome back Anke Greif-Winzrieth (KIT, Manager KD2Lab), for a research and teaching stay! Anke’s joint expert talk with Julian Quandt, manager of WULabs, in our Digital Economy master’s program really helped our students improve their experimental design and planning, thank you! It was great to continue work on our ongoing research project on foreign live biofeedback – we’re excited for the results from that study!
Hope to see you again soon in #Karlsruhe or #Vienna!

Kitchen party magic


Thank you all again for coming over and chasing off mid-November blues with celebration and laughter (and chocolate)! Until next time! Your deco team

Welcome back, Maike!

Maike Althaus

Maike Althaus, research assistant at the Chair of Business Information Systems, esp. Digital Markets at Paderborn University, is visiting the Institute for Digital Ecosystems to complete data collection for the experiment we planned when she was last here.
We are looking forward to taking this next step in our research project together!

The PhD Network’s first Career Talks with Miriam Flickinger was a hit!

The PhD Network, with the continued support of the Institute for Digital Ecosystems and the ISOM department, had the privilege of hosting a career talk by Professor Miriam Flickinger (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) titled "Career Development in Academia".
The event was attended by praedocs from various institutes and departments of WU with many insightful hard-hitting questions being brought up during the discussion. We would like to thank Professor Flickinger for taking the time to share her story and advice with us.
As the Christmas decorations begin to light up Vienna, we are looking forward to the annual PhD Network Christmas Market Crawl! 

Visiting researcher Miriam Flickinger

Miriam Flickinger

Miriam Flickinger is visiting the Institute for Digital Ecosystems from the Freie Universität Berlin. Miriam is a Full Professor and Head of the Chair of Organization. Her research focuses on the organization, structures, and processes on the upper echelons or management level of firms and deals primarily with cognitive, emotional, and social perspectives.

Welcome, Miriam!

Verena Dorner – new Department Co-Editor for BISE

Verena Dorner

We are delighted to announce that Verena Dorner has joined the journal Business & Information Systems Engineering Journal (BISE) as co-editor for the Department Economics of Information Systems together with the co-editors Dennis Kundisch (University of Paterborn) and Kai Lung-Hui (HKUST Business School).
Looking forward to many great submissions!

Verena Dorner - panelist for discussion on AI and Equal Opportunities

I was very honored to be asked to contribute to the panel discussion “AI and Equal Opportunities - How (un)fair is artificial intelligence?
as part of the series “WU matters. WU talks.” at WU on 18 October 2023 with the panellists


- Johanna Pirker, Professor of Media Informatics at LMU Munich, Germany, Assistant Professor at TU Graz, Austria, Leader of the Game Lab Graz research group
- Michael Platzer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, Mostly AI
- Sonja Sperber, Assistant Professor and Ottillinger Habilitation Fellow at the Department of Strate-gy and Innovation, WU Vienna
moderated by Jan A. Poczynek, Digitalization Enthusiast, Co-founder & managing director NOWEVOLVE
Find all the details on our Institute’s LinkedIn See a video of the event here

Kenneth Qua at the Netzwerktreffen Jubliäumsfonds der Stadt Wien

Kenneth Qua

© Raimo Rumpler, WUtv

On 12 October 2023 I had the opportunity to present my research project together with Verena Dorner titled "Citizen Reporting in Vienna" at the Netzwerktreffen WU-Jubiläumsfonds der Stadt Wien to the representatives of the City of Vienna. I was delighted to find the W24's news coverage of the event featured a short portion of my pitch.
Visit our Institute's LinkedIn for more details as well as the video!

Verena Dorner at the 18th International Conference on Business Informatics and Information Systems (WI23)

Our conference track Digital Markets, Platforms & Data Spaces featured some truly insightful presentations on the design and governance of digital platforms and the behaviour of actors in digital ecosystems. Thomas Kunde and I had a great time serving as session chairs.
Please visit our Institute’s LinkedIn for more details.