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  • Block­chain Ap­plic­a­tions
    (se­lec­ted re­search areas)

    • Iden­tity & Cer­ti­fic­a­tion
      Evalu­ate and develop new iden­tity solu­tions.
      De­couple data stor­age and data veri­fic­a­tion.
      Re­search­ing de­cent­ral­ized repu­ta­tion sys­tems that could ex­pand cur­rent cent­ral­ized cer­ti­fic­a­tion mod­els

    • Sup­ply Chain & Trade Fin­ance
      Proven­ance of goods and ser­vices for cer­ti­fic­ates Proven­ance of goods and ser­vices for rights man­age­ment Block­chain based doc­u­ment hand­ling solu­tions Block­chain im­plic­a­tions on trade fin­ance

    • Busi­ness Model Re­search
      Dis­rupt­ive po­ten­tial of smart con­tracts New data shar­ing mod­els in dis­trib­uted ledgers Cus­tomer re­la­tion­ship man­age­ment, loy­alty pro­grams, new billing and re­port­ing mod­els for tour­ism or fa­cil­ity man­age­ment. Assess­ment of dif­fer­ent types of dis­trib­uted ledger tech­no­lo­gies Clas­si­fic­a­tion and evalu­ation mod­els for smart con­tracts and tokens New forms of mar­ket­ing with cur­a­tion mar­kets and at­ten­tion tokens Suc­cess-­Factors fore new fin­an­cing and crowd­fund­ing mod­els like ICOs Lim­it­a­tions & threats of block­chain based solu­tions

  • Mi­croe­co­nomic found­a­tions of a token economy

    • Mon­et­ary the­ory

    • Crypto as­sets as a method of pay­ment

    • Valu­ation mod­els of crypto as­sets

    • Li­quid­ity ana­lysis and other mon­et­ary policy aspects
      In­cent­ive Design & in­vest­ment des­cision of Miners.

    • Game the­or­et­ical ana­lysis

    • Agent based mod­el­ling

  • Tech­nical Aspects, Busi­ness Pro­cesses & Smart Con­tract Se­cur­ity

    • Atom­iz­ing busi­ness pro­cesses through smart con­tracts and ma­chine con­sensus.

    • Agent based sys­tems

    • Smart con­tract se­cur­ity und formal veri­fic­a­tion

    • Smart-legal lan­guages

  • Legal & Gov­ernance

    • Legal aspects of the use of DLT
      Private, pub­lic and tax law In­ter­na­tional and na­tional le­gis­la­tion Gov­ernance and Smart Con­tracts Changes to the cur­rent con­tract paradigm as a res­ult of DLT con­tracts Ex­e­cu­tion of con­tracts, in­com­plete con­tracts and ju­di­cial awards Self-reg­u­lat­ory codes of con­duct
      Legal aspects of DAOs 

    • DLT and in­vest­ment
      ICO/ITO and cap­ital mar­kets Reg­u­lat­ory law Com­pany law Codes of con­duct and en­force­ment 

    • In­form­a­tion Pri­vacy and In­form­a­tion Se­cur­ity
      Right of data pro­tec­tion, pro­tec­tion of pri­vacy and the Block­chain GDPR – Gen­eral Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion En­force­ab­il­ity of data pro­tec­tion rights (e.g. the “Right to be for­got­ten”) within Block­chain sys­tems Com­prom­ised Block­chains Smart reg­u­la­tion

    • Tax Law
      “Di­gital tax trans­form­a­tion”
      In­come tax
      Cor­por­ate tax
      VAT im­plic­a­tions

    • Polit­ics
      Polit­ical im­plic­a­tions of fu­ture legal frame­works of Cryptosys­tems for polit­ical and gov­ern­mental pro­cesses