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Industry collaborations represent a central and strategic focus in teaching and research. We are closely collaborating with external experts from companies, institutions and other research institutes on applied research projects. Here a list of past and ongoing projects:

  • T-Labs Berlin (Deutsche Telekom)  - Ongoing Project
    Token Economics Research

  • City of Vienna: Vienna Token Project “Kultur-Token” - Ongoing Project
    Incentivizing CO2 reduction with tokens that can be exchanged for cultural activities .

  • Austrian National Bank (OENB)  - Ongoing Project
    Tokenized Securities Settlement research project

  • Wien Energie (Energy Company) - Project completed
    Tokenizing Energy

  • ABC - Austrian Blockchain Center  - Ongoing Project
    Initiated a nation-wide research cluster which got up to 20 mio funding for 4 years.

  • Austrian Development Agency - Project Completed
    One year Blockchain & Sustainability Research Projects

  • Blockchain Protocol (non disclosed) - Phase 1 Completed
    Economic Systems Engineering Project. Definition of a dynamic system model which allows to construct a digital twin of the economy as a basis for economic policy decisions for the network.

We received a 5 year seed-funding from the Ministry of Economics and Research to explore the technical possibilities of blockchains, smart contracts and derived technologies along with economic, social and legal aspects. Apart from the necessary blue sky research, we also accept external funding for applied research. If you have research questions, or want to discuss application potentials that are relevant for your institution long or short term, then you have the following opportunity to work with us.

  • Workshops

  • Post Doc Researcher
    Fund a postdoc researcher to work on a topic of your choice.

  • Endowed professorship
    Fund a full time Professor

  • Student Projects
    Subject to possibilities of our own researchers, possible in limited circumstances.

  • We can apply for government substitution for research cooperations from public sources (Wirtschaftsagentur, FFG, FWF)


Research Partners


Corporate Partners