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Invitation to Raffael Speitmann's Defensio dissertationis

When? Mo, 22nd November 2021

Academic Report 2020-21 is available now!

To download the new Academic Report of the Business Taxation Group, click here.

Harald Amberger on the editorial board of JATA

Harald Amberger was invited to join the editorial board of the leading international journal “The Journal of the American Taxation Associated” (JATA) as of June 1, 2021. We congratulate Harald on this…

New Job at Allianz!

Specialist Alternative Assets, Accounting Solutions at Allianz Investment Management (AIM)

Publication by Prof. Petutschnig, Martina Rechbauer and Bernhard Winkelbauer

Does the ATAD’s CFC-rule lead to a decrease in tax haven investment? - Empirical evidence from Austria

DIBT Alumni Reunion at WU Vienna

On October 2nd, the DIBT-Alumni reunion took place at WU Vienna, with presentations by Stefano Castagna, Ivan Lazarov PhD, Prof. Romero Tavares PhD and Prof. Dr. Caren Sureth-Sloane.

Prof. Eberhartinger as a panelist at the 75th German Business Economists' Day

On September 22/23, 2021, Prof. Eberhartinger was a panelist at the 75th German Business Economists' Day on the overall topic "Transformation - Management of Change". For more information on the…

Paper presented by Georg Winkler: "Exit tax and the Location Choice of Companies"

at the Austrian Business Taxation Day 2021 in Villach

Paper presented by Ayse Sule Özdogan: "Importer Behavior after Targeted Tariff Increases"

at the institute conference 2021 in Bad Aussee

Congratulations to Yuchen Wu on her successful defensio dissertationis

We congratulate Yuchen Wu on her successful defensio dissertationis in the Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation (DIBT)!