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Pillar Two and the Accounting Standards

Prof. Eva Eberhartinger & Georg Winkler, intertax 2023 (134)

Ass.Prof. Harald Amberger presenting on "Ownership Transparency and Cross-border Investment"

TRR 266/TAF Research Seminar of the University of Paderborn

Our Academic Report 2021-22 is available!

Activities, publications & more

Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation (DIBT)

Apply now until Feb 15, 2023

1st WU Vienna Tax Camp

moderated by Ass.-Prof. Harald Amberger

Ass.-Prof. Harald Amberger: Accepted paper by CAR (Contemporary Accounting Research)

Volatility of Tax Payments and Dividend Payouts

Prof. Eberhartinger presenting on "Pillar Two and the Accounting Standards"

International Tax Governance and Justice Workshop