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The Business Taxation Group in the media:

Washington Post references a recent study by Harald Amberger and Leslie Robinson (Dartmouth College)

A recent article in the Washington Post discusses potential effects of the latest U.S. tax reform (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, „TCJA) on cross-border economic activity of U.S. firms. In this regard, the…

Bloomberg: Austria ponders tax reform designed to boost equity against debt

Prof. Eva Eberhartinger on Bloomberg.com

Article in Die Presse by Sylvia Auer und Kristin Resenig

Auer, Sylvia, Resenig, Kristin. 2020. Retourwaren: Vernichten steuerlich günstiger als Verschenken. Die Presse - Rechtspanorama, 15.06.2020

Article in Die Presse by Eva Eberhartinger und Dominika Langenmayr

Eberhartinger, Eva, Langenmayr, Dominika. 2020. Coronakrise: Der steuerpolitische Handlungsbedarf ist groß. Die Presse, 20.04.2020 (online).