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Media reports 

New publication by Prof. Eberhartinger, Prof. Sureth-Sloane, Raffael Speitmann and Yuchen WU

How Does Trust Affect Concessionary Behavior in Tax Bargaining? FinanzArchiv 78 (1-2): 112-155.

Prof. Petutschnig at "WU matters. WU talks" (in German)

04/05/2022: The Global Minimum Tax - The End of Tax Dumping?

Second honorary doctorate for Prof. Caren Sureth-Sloane

Dr. h.c. from the University of Bremen (Germany)

Invitation to Nadia Genest's defensio dissertationis

Topic "Perspectives on Tax Transparency"

Presentation at VHB Conference by Tobias Bornemann on joint research project with Prof. Eberhartinger and Sylvia Auer.

Does fair value taxation affect banks investment portfolio and risk-taking?

Presentation at VHB Anniversary Conference 2022 by Ayşe Özdoğan

Importer Behavior After Targeted Tariff Increases: A Firm Level Analysis

Presentation at VHB Anniversary Conference 2022 by Xixi Zhang

Consumer Reactions to Negative Tax News

Publikation by Harald Amberger and Prof. Eberhartinger

Tax-Rate Biases in Tax Decisions: Experimental Evidence (JATA)

Publication by Prof. Matthias Petutschnig and Christian Renelt

A new (eco) investment allowance ante portas, taxlex 01/2022, 14 ff.