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Media reports 

WU Talenta Award 2024 awarded to two theses from our institute

Bachelor's thesis by Valentin Horak & Master's thesis by Sophie Hafran

Harald Amberger is Associated Professor!

He successfully completed his qualification agreement

Prof. Amberger at the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission

Presentation on "Corporate Tax System Complexity and Investment"

Prof. Kevin Markle from Michigan State University (USA) at WU

PhD Seminar and Accounting Research Seminar

Does Fair Value Taxation Affect Banks' Investment Portfolios and Risk Taking?

Publication by Sylvia Auer, Tobias Bornemann and Prof. Eva Eberhartinger in JATA

EAA 2024 in Bucharest, Rumania

Annual Conference of the European Accounting Association

2. WU Vienna Tax Camp

Presentations by Elisa Casi, Marcel Olbert, Regina Ortmann and Milda Tylaite

How do Tax Disclosures Affect Private Firms?

Accounting Research Seminar with Prof. Nathan Goldman (North Carolina State University, USA)

Tax Function and Investment Decisions

Presentation by Christian Renelt at the VHB Conference 2024 in Lüneburg

Accounting for Income Tax Uncertainty and Corporate Tax Avoidance: International Evidence

Presentation by Khairunnisa Ridwan at the VHB Conference 2024 in Lüneburg