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Mission Statement

Our mission

Our department at WU is the largest university research and education center in the field of foreign language business communication in Europe, and is highly committed to multilingualism.

We understand language(s) and communication as vital for value creation in all economic action in the commercial, non-profit, and public sector. Our language- and communication-based approach is an integral part of the research and teaching taking place at Vienna University of Economics and Business.


The thematic emphasis and research questions of our Department are geared to language use in business with all its aspects. Our theories and methodology are well founded in applied linguistics, in language acquisition research, and in the individual language and literature studies - i.e. English philology, Romance, and Slavic language studies -, as well as in cultural, social, and economic sciences.


The curricula at the Department reflect the requirements of business practice on an advanced university level. The courses offered are conducted by our innovative team with great didactic and technical expertise, and integrate the latest research results.

We continually evaluate the quality of the Department's research and teaching activites, comparing our performance with the highest international standards.