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Hahn Anja

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anja hahn

Anja Hahn BA, MSc (WU)

Project Staff


Project: LocHouse - Local Effects of a Pandemic: A Holistic Assessment of the Austrian Residential Housing Market

The LocHouse project proposes a comprehensive framework for monitoring and causally identifying disruptions in the Austrian housing market in the context of the COVID19 pandemic. Therefore, we exploit a comprehensive micro-data source on real estate transactions and rent adverts. These data supplemented by a variety of COVID19-related measures inform pan-Austrian hierarchical regression models fit for identifying direct and indirect effect over various phases of the COVID19 pandemic. These models are further made use of to identify segment-specific disruptions and predict effects under future counterfactual housing market scenarios.

Involved Researchers

Wolfgang Brunauer (Data Science Services GmbH)
Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (WU)
Anja M. Hahn (WU & Data Science Services GmbH)
Sanela Omerovic (WU & Data Science Services GmbH)
Karin Wagner (OeNB)
Sofie R. Waltl (Principal Investigator at WU & LISER)
Gregor Zens (Bocconi University)

Project sponsored by the OeNB Anniversary Fund (Grant No. 18767)

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