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SDG 4 Quality Education

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Quality Education, SDG 4, focuses on making education accessible and inclusive for all and on promoting lifelong learning around the world. As WU students Nina and Maria observe, education should not be a privilege but a right, since this is key to building a foundation for sustainable development. They encourage individuals to volunteer for or donate to education-related organizations, to consider teaching during a gap year, or to try being a study buddy for others in the community.

Video SDG 4 - Nina & Maria

SDG 4 - Nina & Maria

So what are some initiatives that are being pursued in relation to this goal? Maria interviews Leonie Egenhofer, a WU student, about an on-campus initiative, a collaboration between Oikos Vienna and STaR, which promotes the inclusion of sustainability-related topics in university curricula in Austria. By educating students on sustainability early in their studies, this project aims to shape and inspire the minds of future decision-makers when it comes to environmental sustainability in business.

Video SDG 4 - Leonie Egenhofer & Maria

SDG 4 - Leonie Egenhofer & Maria

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