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STaR SDG Videos

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We are delighted to introduce STaR SDG Videos Series!

For each UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal - with an exception of a few creative variations - we present three videos:

  • A conversation between WU student and alumni volunteers, from a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs

  • STaR interview with a WU researcher - including full professors, post-doctoral and PhD researchers

  • STaR interview with an expert from the business world or civil society/ NGO sector - including seasoned business leaders, sustainability-focused startups, and organizations accross a wide range of activities. We are especially proud that most of our interviewees in this round have a connect to WU and/or the city of Vienna! [Please note that we are still working on this final round of videos and will make them available on our website one at the time

We invite you to explore the SDGs in the context of business learning and research, and discover your passion for sustainable development!

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* A special thanks goes to our project assistant Kateřina Krebsová, whose passion for sustainability, patience and determination made the SDG-Video series possible, even in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.