Martin Schreier

Martin Schreier is Professor of Marke­ting and head of the Insti­tute for Marke­ting Manage­ment, Depart­ment of Marke­ting, WU Vienna. Before joining WU, he has been a tenured asso­ciate professor of marke­ting at Bocconi Univer­sity, Milan (Italy).

His teaching and rese­arch inte­rests are anchored in core topics of marke­ting rese­arch, inclu­ding Product and Brand Manage­ment, Crea­ti­vity and New Product Deve­lop­ment, and Consumer Beha­vior. His recent rese­arch revolves around user-­cen­tered idea­tion and design (e.g., user design, cust­o­miza­tion, crowd­sour­cing). In this line of rese­arch, he is parti­cu­larly inte­rested in the poten­tial promises of user-in­vol­ve­ment for a firm's new product deve­lop­ment efforts and in the broader conse­quences of cust­omer empower­ment stra­te­gies on consumer beha­vior.

His work has been published in academic jour­nals such as the Journal of Marke­ting, the Journal of Product Inno­va­tion Manage­ment, or Manage­ment Science. His rese­arch has been awarded with several prizes, inclu­ding, for example, the 2012 Thomas P. Hustad Best Paper Award by the Journal of Product Inno­va­tion Manage­ment (JPIM). The paper entitled "The value of crowd­sour­cing: Can users really compete with profes­sio­nals in gene­ra­ting new product ideas?", co-aut­hored by Marion Poetz, was selected by the JPIM Edito­rial Board and the Product Deve­lop­ment and Manage­ment Asso­cia­tion (PDMA) Board of Direc­tors as the refe­reed paper which has made the most signi­fi­cant cont­ri­bu­tion to new product deve­lop­ment prac­tice and thought in 2012.

He currently serves as a Senior Editor at the Inter­na­tional Journal of Rese­arch in Marke­ting (from which he received the 2016 Outstan­ding Senior Editor Award) and is a member of the Edito­rial Review Board of the Journal of Marke­ting (from which he received the 2012 Outstan­ding Reviewer Award), the Journal of Product Inno­va­tion Manage­ment (from which he received the 2013 Best Reviewer Award), and the Journal of Marke­ting Beha­vior. He also regu­larly serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for many other academic jour­nals (e.g., Journal of Marke­ting Rese­arch, Psycho­lo­gical Science etc.).

His rese­arch has been featured in various inter­na­tional media outlets such as the Harvard Busi­ness Review (“To inno­vate better, find diver­gent thin­kers”) or the New Scien­tist (“The hard way: Our odd desire to do it ourselves”) as well as in German-­spea­king media inclu­ding TV (e.g., 3SAT: "Mach es selbst!"), radio stations (e.g., Ö1: "Ich kaufe also bin ich"), and news­pa­pers (e.g., Die Presse: "Perspek­tive: Kommt Marke­ting zurück?", Handels­blatt: "Wenn Kunden plötz­lich zu Mitar­bei­tern werden", Salz­burger Nach­richten: "Wer selbst gestaltet, wird besser").

Selected recent publi­ca­tions:

  • The self-­ex­pres­sive cust­o­miza­tion of a product can improve your perfor­mance. Journal of Marke­ting Rese­arch, forth­co­ming (with U. Kaiser and C. Janis­zewski) (link)

  • The value of marke­ting crowd­sourced new products as such: Evidence from two rando­mized field expe­ri­ments. Journal of Marke­ting Rese­arch, forth­co­ming (with H. Nishi­kawa, C. Fuchs, and S. Ogawa) (link)

  • Why and when consu­mers prefer products of user-d­riven firms: A social iden­ti­fi­ca­tion account. Manage­ment Science, 61 (August): 1978-1988, 2015 (with D. Dahl and C. Fuchs) (down­load

  • The Hand­made Effect: What’s Love Got to Do with It? Journal of Marke­ting, 79 (March): 98 –110, 2015 (with C. Fuchs and S. M.J. van Osselaer) (down­load)

  • Some­times the best ideas come from outside your industry. Harvard Busi­ness Review, November 21, 2014, online (with N. Franke and M. Poetz) (link

  • Inte­gra­ting problem solvers from analo­gous markets in new product idea­tion, Manage­ment Science, 60 (April): 1063-1081, 2014 (with N. Franke and M. Poetz) (down­load) 2014 EBS.SIIE Best-­Pa­per-A­ward “Inno­va­tion Manage­ment”

  • All that is users might not be gold: How labe­ling products as user-­de­si­gned back­fires in the context of luxury fashion brands, Journal of Marke­ting, 77 (September): 75-91, 2013 (with D. Dahl, C. Fuchs, and E. Pran­delli) (down­load)

  • User-­ge­ne­rated versus desi­gner-­ge­ne­rated products: A perfor­mance assess­ment at Muji. Inter­na­tional Journal of Rese­arch in Marke­ting, 30 (June): 160-167, 2013 (with H. Nishi­kawa and S. Ogawa) (down­load) Fina­list, 2013 Best Paper Award of the Inter­na­tional Journal of Rese­arch in Marke­ting

Further publi­ca­tions (refe­reed jour­nals)

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