PhD Students

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Aigner, Ernest

PhD. student since 2016. Supervisor: Dr. Andreas Novy

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Biberhofer, Petra

PhD. student since 2012. Supervisor: Dr. Andreas Novy

Topic: The governance of knowledge in higher education for sustainable development

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Hoffmann, Maja

PhD student since 2018. Supervisor: Clive Spash

Topic: Social-ecological transformation of industrialised economies and the critique of work (working title)

Maja Hoffmann studied Political Science and Nordic Philology (B.A.) in Erlangen (Germany), Västerås and Stockholm (Sweden), and Sustainability Science (M.Sc.) in Lund (Sweden). Her PhD in the field of interdisciplinary environmental social science focusses on ecological and postcolonial critiques of work. Maja's research interests mainly comprise work and postwork, degrowth, green social theory, global and environmental history, as well as post-development and postcolonial theory.

Oboril, Doris

PhD. student since 2013. Supervisor: Dr. Gunther Maier

Topic: Rationalitätssicherung im Immobilienmanagement

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