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Strategic Choices Of Sourcing Platforms (SCOSP)

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The project examines sourcing platforms. Operated by incumbent industrial firms and start-ups, industrial firms use these platforms to transact industrial goods such as raw materials and machinery. As sourcing platforms significantly reduce search costs and information ambiguities, they are of increasing strategic relevance for industrial firms and are growing rapidly. However, research on sourcing platforms is still in its infancy. The project aims to develop and validate a conceptual framework of sourcing platform strategic behavior based on insights from the academic literature as well as qualitative and quantitative analyses. With this goal, the project will challenge prevailing theoretical assumptions and offer recommendations for effective strategic choices. In addition, managers will be provided with empirically grounded insights on platform strategies. The project will also contribute to the discourse on the 'platformization' of industrial markets that are highly relevant for the Austrian and European economy.


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Supported by funds of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austrian Central Bank, Anniversary Fund, project number: 18747).


08.2023: A paper was presented at the Academy of Management Meeting 2023. At that conference, a project member also organized a panel symposium and a presenter symposium on platforms.

07.2023: A paper was presented at the European Group for Organizational Studies Colloqium 2023. At that conference, a project member also organized a sub-theme on platforms.

06.2023: Project insights were presented at the industry event "Plattform.Macher Tage".

05.2023: A paper was presented at the International Workshop on the Sharing Economy 2023.

05.2023: A paper was presented at the Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management 2023.

04.2023: A paper was presented at the Strategy, Innovation, Corporate Governance, Finance, and International Business (SIIB) Early Career Researchers Conference 2023.

09.2022: Project members organized a panel session at the Strategic Management Society Conference 2022.

09.2022: A master thesis on how industrial incumbents undertake digital transformations co-supervised by a project member was completed.

08.2022: A project member organized a workshop on platforms and ecosystems at the Academy of Management Meeting 2022.

04.2022: The SCOSP-project has started. This website will provide updates on project progress and project events.


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