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FSP event with Floor Rink

24. November 2022

We were very excited to have our first in-person morning talk with Prof. Floor Rink on November 24, 2022 since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Floor Rink is full professor at the faculty of Economics and Business from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), where she is the research director of the Organizational Behavior department.

Floor applies psychology theory to explain people’s responses to organizational and economic phenomena. She uses both quantitative and qualitative methods in her research (e.g., surveys, experiments, ESM, archival data, case studies). Floor’s two main areas of expertise are; (1) issues related to social inequality (e.g. diversity, status and power dynamics, identity processes) and (2) strategic leadership and governance (e.g., CEO/board decision making, ethics). Her findings have been published in academic journals like the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Psychological Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes & the Academy of Management Annals.

Floor's work received recognition from several (inter) national scientific associations (e.g., SOM research Institute, the American Psychology Association and the Academy of Management), and obtained funding from multiple agencies (e.g., the Dutch Science Foundation, the Dutch Central Bank). To help bridge science and practice, Floor regularly shares her findings with the media, gives public speeches, and provides strategic management advice to executive and non-executive board members.

Floor received her master in Psychology from the University of Groningen, and her PhD at Leiden University (with distinction, 2005). She held visiting positions at Kellogg School of Management and Exeter University and is currently a research affiliate of the Global Institute for Women's Leadership at the Australian National University (ANU).

Floor served as an Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal from 2019 to 2022. She will continue this role in the new editorial team (2022-2025), with a specific emphasis on transparency and cross-boundary research.

Thank you very much, Prof. Rink for sharing your insights, your experiences and your advice with us!

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