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Gen­eral In­form­a­tion


  • The teach­ing lan­guage is Ger­man if not other­wise stated.


A list of all courses offered by the in­sti­tute in win­ter term 2017/18 can be found here.

We would like to in­form you that co-re­gistered stu­dents (stu­dents who at­tend courses at an­other uni­versity while re­main­ing fully en­rolled in their main de­gree stud­ies at an­other primary uni­versity) can­not join sequen­cing courses.

You have to pass the basic courses be­fore you can at­tend spe­cial­iz­a­tion courses. We are very sorry, but we have to sign out all co-re­gistered stu­dents from these courses.

Courses for Bach­elor Pro­grams

Elect­ive (Wahl­fach) Grundzüge der Pro­gram­mier­ung und Mod­el­lier­ung In­form­a­tion on the Wahl­fach Grundzüge der Pro­gram­mier­ung und Mod­el­lier­ung.
Spez­i­elle SBWL
In­form­a­tion on the SBWL In­form­a­tion­swirtschaft 2017/18
Spez­i­elle SBWL
Data Science
In­form­a­tion on the SBWL
Data Science
Be­trieb­liche In­form­a­tionssysteme II Vari­ous courses Be­trieb­liche In­form­a­tionssysteme II (BIS 2) are also offered.

Courses for Mas­ter Pro­grams

CBK In­form­a­tion on the CBK
Mas­ter Spe­cial­iz­a­tion In­form­a­tion Sys­tems Pro­cesses In­form­a­tion on the Spe­cial­iz­a­tion In­form­a­tion Sys­tems Pro­cesses

Courses for the PhD Pro­gram

For gen­eral in­form­a­tion on the PhD Pro­gram (Stud­i­en­plan Sozi­al- und Wirtschaft­swis­senschaften 07), please refer to the uni­versity's in­form­a­tion pages.

Please con­tact a mem­ber of our Senior Fac­ulty if you are look­ing for a su­per­visor ac­cord­ing to their thesis top­ics.

Data Science Pro­gram at the WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy

For gen­eral in­form­a­tion on the Data Science Pro­gram at the WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy, please refer to the WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy pages.