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Letter of Recommendation

We are happy to help you in your career and for applications to Master studies. You qualify for receiving a letter of recommendation in case you fulfill the following criteria:

Criterion 1) You have followed at least two courses offered by our institute or written your thesis under the supervision of an institute member.

Criterion 2) The average of all the courses you followed with our institute must be 2.25 or better.

If these criteria hold, please write to with reference "Request Letter of Recommendation" and include the following material attached to your email:

Input 1) Excel file with name "<matrikelnummer>-myGradesInfobiz.xls" listing all your courses with us and the corresponding grades. Also include a calculation of the average of these courses in a cell of this excel file.

Input 2) PDF file containing your WU transcript of records as "<matrikelnummer>-WU-Grades.pdf".

Input 3) If you aim to apply for a non-WU study program, include a draft letter of recommendation with name "<matrikelnummer>-draft.doc" according to what is typically expected by that institution. Also mention the person at our institute who can best judge your capabilities.

Note that our institute only issues one letter per person.