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For our specialization (SBWL) “Digital Marketing,” five courses, each worth 4 ECTS, have to be completed. There is a mandatory sequence for the courses: Course 1 must be successfully completed before enrolling in Courses 3-5. We also recommend taking Course 2 before enrolling in the other courses. That way, students can complete our SBWL in a minimum of two semesters. We recommend the following sequence of courses: 

1st SemesterCourse 1:
Digital Marketing
Course 2:
Marketing Analytics
2nd SemesterCourses 3+4:
Pool of Electives
Course 5:
Digital Marketing Lab
OptionalEnrichment courseBachelor Thesis @IMSM or @MCA

Important for BBE students: Our specialization can be completed in English, though in rare cases a few elective courses might be offered in German only (please check prior to registering for the respective elective course). 

All students who wish to study our SBWL need to apply for it. You can find more information on the admission requirements and the application procedure here.

Course 1: Digital Marketing (4 ECTS)

Course 2: Marketing Analytics (4 ECTS)

Courses 3 + 4: Electives (4 ECTS)

Course 5: Digital Marketing Lab (4 ECTS)