5.März 2019Chris­tine GrimmWU Wien
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15.Jänner 2019Martin Foch­mann Univer­sität Köln
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4.Dezember 2018 Victor Gonzalez JimenezUniver­sität Wien“Contrac­ting Proba­bi­lity Distor­tions”
27.November 2018Chris­tiane SchwierenUniver­sität Heidel­berg“Social Norm Percep­tion in Economic Labo­ra­tory Expe­ri­ments: Inex­pe­ri­enced versus Expe­ri­enced Parti­ci­pants”
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10.April 2018Owen Powell WU Wien “Desi­gning and Running Econo­mics Expe­ri­ments with jtree”
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