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Conference Ambassadors @ IST2020


One key feature at the 11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference was the introduction of so-called Conference Ambassadors, who harvested key take-aways and reported from the various parallel sessions.

From 18-21 August 2020, the 11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST2020) co-organized by Prof. Verena Madner was hosted as an online event at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. The conference on “Governance in an Era of Change – Making Sustainability Transitions Happen” attracted more than 680 participants globally. The first fully digital IST conference was organized by the Research Institute for Urban Management and Governance, the Institute for Law and Governance and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) in association with the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN). In total, 285 full paper, speed talk and dialogue sessions took place during this four-day event. More than 400 individual contributions were presented in nine different conference tracks (find a report on the conference here).

Switching to a fully digital event required the organizers of IST2020 to break new ground in many ways. One key feature was the introduction of so-called Conference Ambassadors. Our team of 13 Conference Ambassadors consisted of master’s students and graduates from a broad range of disciplines including geography, urban planning, ecological economics and socio-economics. They were in charge of “harvesting” key take-aways and reporting on the various parallel sessions. Moreover, Conference Ambassadors offered valuable inputs from the perspective of young researchers and their generation and functioned as “ice-breakers” in online discussions, thus contributing greatly to the success of the IST2020.

Overall, the Conference Ambassadors produced 12 reports on key sessions of the conference, three visual recordings of the keynote speeches and two videos with interviews of IST2020 participants about their experiences with the conference. Last but not least, they authored and illustrated a brochure that introduces international sustainability transitions research form the perspectives of conference ambassadors.

Video interviews with IST2020 participants

Take-aways of IST2020

Voices of IST2020

Brochure: IST2020 - The perspective of Conference Ambassdors

Find an illustrated introduction to sustainability transitions research from the perspective of our Conference Ambassadors.

Visual recordings of keynote speeches at IST2020

Ann Pettifor's keynote on a Green New Deal

Koen Frenken's keynote on the rise of the platform economy

Karoline Rogge's keynote on transformative climate policy mixes

Reports on key sessions of the IST2020

Climate Emergency Movement: An intensified Dialogue on Climate Change (Helia Nazari)

Smart City Vienna (Merle Schulken)

Working with Indigenous Knowledge through a Sustainability Transitions Lens (Belen Iturralde)

Structural Conditions for Transformative Climate Policy and Climate Friendly Living (Mark de Hoop)

Sustainability Transitions in energy-related Industries: Many Pioneers – but where are the Followers? (Andrea Vogler)

Ann Pettifor’s Case for a Green New Deal (Colleen Schneider)

Just Transition – Fairness in Climate Protection: A Union Perspective (Inés Tijera)

Social Housing, where are you headed? (Livia Regen)

What can we learn for Transformative Climate Policy Mixes from Transitions Research? Keynote by Karoline Rogge. (Mara Weiß)

Urban Living Labs as a Way to re-think the City (Javier Delgado)

Urban Transformations and Transitions – UTT Track (Marina Comojo)

The Rise of the Platform Economy - Keynote by Koen Frenken (Simon Werner)

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