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Emphasis in Teaching

I. Bachelor’s program

I.1. Common Body of Knowledge

In the Business, Economics and Social Sciences Bachelor's program, the Management Accounting and Control Group handles mainly the compulsory modules in accounting. In these courses, both internal and external accounting are taught together at an introductory level (Accounting and Management Control I) and an advanced level (Accounting and Management Control II). The final course in the series (Accounting and Management Control III) goes on to offer an integrated perspective on the development and application options of various different fields of accounting. Because of the large number of students in these courses, alternative teaching and learning methods are used via the WU electronic learning platform Learn@WU (e.g. voluntary practice exercises, interactive homework assignments for extra credit, moderated discussion forums or voluntary progress checks) in addition to the traditional lectures in the classroom.

I.2. Specialization in Business Administration (SBWL)

The International Accounting & Controlling Specialization in Business Administration is also available as part of this Bachelor's program. The Management Accounting & Control Group and the International Accounting Group are involved in this Specialization, which concentrates on international accounting, controlling and corporate governance. The focus is on topics related to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

II. Master’s degree program

The Master's Program in Finance & Accounting is scheduled to start in the academic year 2009/2010. The Management Accounting and Control Group will be holding the following courses in the first year of the program: Advanced Internal Management Accounting and Value-Based Management. Additionally, specialization blocks on various management accounting and auditing topics will be held in the third semester of the program, and Group faculty will be accepting Master's theses for assessment.

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III. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Management Accounting and Control Group is also involved in WU's MBA programs, e.g. in the development of the Accounting and Taxation MBA program, which will be held in cooperation with the Akademie der Wirtschaftstreuhänder (the academy of the Austrian Chamber of Chartered public accountants and tax consultants). Prof. Riegler and Dr. Zihr are also involved in other MBA and postgraduate programs at WU.

V. Doctoral program

The doctoral programs include research seminars held by Group faculty members. These seminars focus on quantitative research skills in the field of accounting as well as providing opportunities to review and discuss relevant literature on accounting topics.