Efficiency in foreign language teaching

Efficiency in foreign language teaching


Focus 1:

The appropriation of productive lexis using a special teaching strategy and in special forms of work

Study design: The students (one group on competence level B1, second group at the transition from B1 to B2) were given four contiguous business situations (3 phone calls and 1 face-to-face situation) as a short description of the situation (“Your task is: ...”) (preparation time about 10 minutes). The students had to master these situations with a Russian native speaker (who was the Russian “business partner”). All interviews were recorded and transcribed (total duration of a “business case” per student 15-20 minutes).

One aim of this study was to determine how high the proportion of productive new lexis is in the vocabulary of students.

Another goal was of course the evaluation of the teaching program.

Furthermore, the formulaic language layer was to be examined.

Focus 2:

The text type “Presentation”

Focus 3:

Evaluation of student performance

Focus 4:

Exploring possibilities for documentation of teaching

The continuous documentation of language teaching over long periods is a gap this project intends to close; technically simple ways to document teaching will be tested.


Project management: Harald Loos

Duration: 2004 - 2007