Our aim is to make a valuable contribution to the international body of knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of intercultural communication. In our research, we address the challenges that cultural and linguistic diversity bring along in the globalized world. Our research projects can be grouped into four categories:


  • Vienna meets the Balkans: Communicative practices and commodification of culture in the city’s migrant economy (funded by the Jubiläumsfonds der Stadt Wienmore information

  • An ethnographic approach to communication in migrant businesses in Vienna: The role of language, culture and communication in businesses owned by migrants from the Balkans (PhD project Lejla Atagan) more information

  • Language, migration and care labour: The experiences of Ukrainian care workers in the EU (PhD project Zlata Savych) more information

Interactions in culturally and linguistically diverse workplaces

  • Relational work in intercultural project communication: A multimodal conversation analysis of an Austrian-Russian Joint Venture (PhD project Anna Golovko) more information

  • Interactions in meetings in a multinational company (WU project – František Tůma) more information

Organizational Culture

  • Paper notices in the workplace as an expression of organizational culture (Nadine Thielemann & Regina Göke) more information

Engaging with stakeholders in different cultural contexts

  • Energy communication between geopolitics, climate crisis and corporate spin – comparative perspectives from CEE (Nadine Thielemann & Martina Berrocal) more information

  • Negative guest reviews and conflict management on The analysis of the Austrian, English, and Ukrainian luxury sector (PhD project Iryna Wehr)