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Social Entrepreneurship describes innovative entrepreneurial action which aims at solving social challenges.

These actions could be initiated in the form of a new business (start-up) or in the context of existing organisations (social intrapreneurship). The legal structure can vary: some social enterprises are established as an association, others as a company with limited liability. This decision process is guided by potential societal benefits of either legal structure.

European Social Innovation Competition

Now open: European Social Innovation Competition 2021

Launched in memory of social innovation pioneer Diogo Vasconcelos, the European Social Innovation Competition is a Competition run by the European Commission, with the support from the EIC across all…

[Translate to English:] ESESII

What does it Take To Internationalise a Social Venture? First Insights From the ESESII Project.

21% to 26% of start-ups in Europe target social, community or environmental goals. Many of them address current challenges with innovate and novel approaches, that can best unfold their full impact…

[Translate to English:] Partnership in Times of COVID-19: Government and Civil Society in Austria

Publication: Partnership in Times of COVID-19: Government and Civil Society in Austria

How did the relation between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and government develop during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, once governments had taken restrictive measures to lock down…

[Translate to English:] Lunch with Impact

Inside Impact invites you to Lunch with Impact: Established Social entrepreneurs about founding and challenges

In cooperation with Social Impact Award, Inside Impact has designed a new format: Lunch with Impact. On selected Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. in March and April 2021, Lunch with Impact seasons your lunch…

[Translate to English:] Krastev Keynote Recording Engelberger

Watch: Is it Tomorrow yet? How the pandemic changes Europe? – Ivan Krastev

On 2 March 2021, CEE expert Ivan Krastev joined us for the online keynote: “Is it Tomorrow yet? How the pandemic changes Europe”. What are the consequences of the pandemic that will set the course of…

Ivan Krastev Is it tomorrow yet

How the pandemic changes Europe – NGO Academy Keynote with Ivan Krastev

What are the consequences of the pandemic that will set the course of the world in the coming years? Paradoxes that COVID-19 has brought to light regarding globalization include international…

[Translate to English:] Professional Master Social Innovation and Management

Starting in October 2021: The new Professional Master Social Innovation & Management at WU Executive Academy (part-time)

This new Professional Master Social Innovation & Management (PM SIM) is designed to accelerate the understanding of the current core dimensions of social innovation and management. It empowers…

[Translate to English:] Auswirkungen von COVID19 auf den NPO Sektor

Publication of the study "Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the social infrastructure in Austria

Yesterday, the study carried out by the Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship Center on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and…

[Translate to English:] Erasmus+ Projekt

Launch of Erasmus+ project exploring the internationalization of social entrepreneurs

The Social Entrepreneurship Center is part of the international project consortium of the project „Enabling Social Entrepreneurs to Scale their Impact Internationally“.

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Selma Sprajcer nominated as senior researcher

We are pleased that Selma Sprajcer has been nominated as senior researcher. Selma has been researching in the field of people with disabilities for 10 years now. She has acquired extensive expertise…