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Our main objective is to equip our students with the required knowledge to become the next generation of marketing managers and to master the challenges posed by the digitalization of the retail landscape.  

By attending our courses, you will obtain a high-quality marketing education with a focus on the specific aspects of retail management under consideration of the most recent trends. The digital transformation poses many challenges to retailers, such as the increasing relevance of online channels and the increasing relevance of data to support managerial decision making. In our specialization you will learn how to address these challenges from a managerial perspective. In our courses, we integrate theory and practice through the cooperation with well-known industry partners, which provides you with a hands-on opportunity to implement data-driven approaches to solve managerially relevant research problems.

On the Bachelor level, we offer courses as part of the specialization „Retail Management“. You may deepen your knowledge through our courses offered within the Marketing MSc program and the courses we offer as part of the PhD program. 

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