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The Institute for Retailing and Marketing offers solid training in the theory, methods, and techniques of marketing, with a focus on the specific aspects of retail management. The Institute seeks to give its students a solid understanding of the theoretical foundations of retail marketing and the skills needed for dealing with specific problems in real-life practice.

Interdisciplinary work is a priority at the Institute, which is, for instance, reflected in project-based courses and bachelor theses that frequently involve industry partners. With the Praxisdialog expert lectures, the Institute offers an elective that places special emphasis on establishing a personal dialog with industry representatives and gives insights into their work and responsibilities. Field trips and company visits give students hands-on opportunities to familiarize themselves with the processes and workflows at industrial enterprises and retail companies.

The Institute’s graduates have a good general understanding of the foundations of retail marketing, are able to critically analyze retail-related issues, are team players and are in touch with the practical realities of the field.

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