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New publication in Handbuch Digitalisierung in Staat und Verwaltung

Tobias Polzer and Renate Meyer published a book chapter on the strategy of the Austrian federal government for digital transformation (in German – "Österreich: Digitalisierungsstrategie der…

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AOM 2023 Symposium on "The Relational Dimension of Tackling Grand Challenges: Debating Collaboration and Cooperation"

Johanna Ayrault, Dennis Jancsary, and Stephan Leixnering have organized a symposium at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 4-8, 2023, in Boston. The symposium included an…

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New publication in British Accounting Review

Tobias Polzer, together with Carolyn Cordery (Victoria University Wellington), Galina Goncharenko (University of Sussex), Danielle McConville (Queen’s University Belfast) and Ataur Belal (University…

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Panel on “Citizen participation: Digital challenges and opportunities” at the Public Management Research Conference 2023

Tobias Polzer, together with Lisa Schmidthuber from WU’s Institute of Public Management and Governance, co-organized a panel entitled “Citizen participation: Digital challenges and opportunities” at…

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Presentation on “Digital Services of General Interest” at VÖWG Webinar

23 June is Public Service Day of the United Nations. Tobias Polzer held a keynote presentation on “Digital Services of General Interest and Sustainable Development of Cities” at the webinar “Services…

Projektmitglieder DIGILOG am WU Campus

DIGILOG Annual Project Meeting May 2023

The institute is project partner of the DIGILOG project (Digital Transformation at the Local Tier of Government in Europe: Dynamics and Effects from a Cross-Countries and Over-Time Comparative…

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ÖVO-Dialog: Aktuelle Fragen der Unternehmens- und IT-Beratung

This item is only available in German.

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“Accounting and Accountability” at International Research Society for Public Management Conference

Tobias Polzer, together with colleagues from Germany, Brazil, Italy and the United Kingdom, co-organized the Special Interest Group (SIG) “Accounting and Accountability: Public value(s) accounting and…