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Workshop series "Impact Measurement" with Caritas Vienna

The issue of impact measurement is still very controversial and many nonprofit organizations are asking themselves how best to measure and present the impact of their activities and services.

Also Caritas Vienna, more precisely the area of community work, is currently dealing with the topic of impacts and for this reason has commissioned the NPO & SE Competence Center to conduct an internal workshop series. After an one-day event in which responsible persons from the field of community work participated, three half-day workshops followed for the areas "Community Work Leadership Team", "Art and Social Projects" and "Voluntary Engagement / Involvement".

On the first day of the workshop, the basics of impact measurement were conveyed, such as the difference between performance and impact, basic concepts such as the impact chain, various methods of measurement and tools for impact-oriented management. In the in-depth workshops, the groups worked primarily on the specific impact chains for their most important stakeholders, their impact objectives and concrete indicators for impact measurement. The atmosphere during the workshops was very good and constructive and the subsequent feedback was also very positive.

Mag.rer.soc.oec. Olivia Rauscher

Olivia Rauscher

Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Social Impact Measurements focusing on SROI analysis, evaluation, social inequality, poverty reduction, health promotion and prevention