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Social Entrepreneurs and Burnout - Peter Vandor in a podcast from Deutschlandfunk


Social entrepreneurs have a high standard: they want to make a social contribution with their business - and earn money with it. Per se, this is not an easy undertaking, and the global pandemic has added to the already increased burden.

On the topic of "Idealism as motivation. How social entrepreneurs master crises", Deutschlandfunk interviewed Peter Vandor, co-director of the SEC, and Karin Kreuzer, professor of social entrepreneurship at the EBS University of Economics and Law. The episode discusses why four out of ten social entrepreneurs suffer from burnout symptoms, what role overload and role conflict have to do with it and whether the idealism behind the work can compensate for the increased stress.

The entire podcast episode by Karin Lamsfuss "Idealismus als Antrieb. How social entrepreneurs master crises" is available here.

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