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WU Best Paper Awards - award for Ben Greiner

The WU Best Paper Awards, provided by the WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna, are presented to honor the best scientific publications of the year.

At this year’s WU Best Paper Awards, Ben Greiner received an award for his successful publication:

  • Category B: Working in Business Administration, Economics, Business Education

    Bolton, Gary, Greiner, Ben, Ockenfels, Axel. 2018. Dispute Resolution or Escalation? The Strategic Gaming of Feedback Withdrawal Options in Online Markets. Management Science (MS). 64 (9), 4009-​4031. Review of Finance 21 (5), 1901-1932.

WU Researcher of the Month

<link https: en research wu-researchers rom18 ben-greiner>Follow the link and watch the WU Researcher of the Month Video about "Online feedback: How the wrong system can distort the picture".

WU Matters - Public Lecture of the Department for Strategy & Innovation

Public Lecture of the Department for Strategy & Innovation

Businesses today are operating in an increasingly dynamic environment that requires constant change. A central challenge for managers is to get the change right. If the change happens too quickly it often overburdens organizations and their employees, while a change that happens too slowly increases the risk of losing touch with the competition.

When is courageous intervention too fast? When is standstill better than a gentle adjustment? Which speed in the management of change is optimal? Experienced manager Sabine Herlitschka and two WU representatives discuss examples of actions that happen too fast and too slow in different industries and from different perspectives and discuss the practical aspects of the strategic timing of change.


Univ.Prof. Dr. Patricia Klarner, Head of the Institute for Organization Design

Univ.Prof. Dr. Ben Greiner, Head of the Institute for Markets and Strategy

Dr. Sabine Herlitschka, CEO and CTO Infineon Technologies Austria AG


Univ.Prof. Dr. Anne d’Arcy, Head of the Institute for Corporate Governance