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IB Club

The IB Club (International Business Club) is organized by students for students.


The IB Club organizing committee consists of current IB students. The position of the club manager is filled by a student for a period of one academic term and then passed on to a successor. Applications for participation in our organizing committee are open at the beginning of each semester and will be advertised accordingly. The activities of the IB Club are coordinated by the Club Manager and comprise regular meetings and a continuous exchange among its members to encourage and discuss different ideas.

General Information

In close collaboration with the Institute for International Business (IIB) it aims at establishing a platform for mutual exchange between students, faculty members and corporate partners. A pivotal part in the club’s activities is the development and implementation of different events throughout the academic term. They provide the institute’s students with various opportunities to meet with staff members in a relaxed atmosphere, to gain insights into major corporations and to simply get to know each other better. New ideas for our events will be developed every term by the respective IB Club teams. The club welcomes any suggestions, feel free to contact the IB Club.

News and Events

For current news and events, such as the IIB Kick-off, please like us on facebook and instagram.

Florian Kremsner

Florian Kremsner

Club Manager