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Zhengyang Jiang is Engelbert-Dockner-Fellow at the Institute for Capital Market Research (ISK)


We are pleased to welcome Zhengyang Jiang, the Engelbert-Dockner-Fellow at the Research Institute for Capital Market Research (ISK). Professor Jiangwill visit WU from May 13 to June 07, 2024.

Zhengyang Jiang is Associate Professor of Finance at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University , Faculty Research Fellow at National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and Associate Editor, Journal of International Economics.

His primary field of research is international finance and macroeconomics. He studies exchange rates, capital flows, the valuation of public debt, and the special status of the U.S. and the dollar in the international monetary system. He is also interested in the cognitive process underlying expectation formation and financial decision-making.

The Engelbert-Dockner-Fellowship are sponsored by the POK Pühringer Privatstiftung and enable WU to invite renowned professors to spend an extended period at WU. With this initiative, we are also preserving the memory of Professor Engelbert Dockner, who passed away in 2017. Professor Dockner continuously fostered cutting-edge research and universities' educational mission in the field of capital markets.

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