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WU matters. WU talks. - "Women to the Top!"


This event is organized by the WU Department of Finance, Accounting & Statistics and by the WU Department of Strategy & Innovation

On June 19, 2024, 6 p.m. the next WU Matters event of the department will take place. Zoltán Novotny-Farkas, Professor of International Accounting at the WU Vienna, will start by giving a keynote speech on the topic from an academic perspective and then take over the moderation.

Topic: "Women to the Top! - How can we repair the leaky pipeline?"

The number of management board positions held by women doubled in Austria from 2018 to 2023. This may sound like considerable progress, but the absolute figures paint a different picture. The proportion of women in management positions is still low, and the so-called leaky pipeline continues to drip. How can we achieve gender equality in corporate management? How much political intervention is useful? Do we need a statutory quota for women in management? And what would be the consequences?

Together with experts, we’ll be discussing ways for eliminating systematic entry and career advancement barriers for women.

The experts: 

  • Sabine Bothe, Head of People and Culture, Erste Bank and Erste Group

  • Isabella Grabner, Professor of Strategy and Managerial Accounting, WU Wien

  • Patricia Pawlicki, Journalist, ORF

  • Martha Schultz, Vice-President of the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKÖ), President of the Woman in Business network

General information and registration:

Women to the Top! (

We are looking forward to numerous participants from our department!

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