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Among our accomplished members is Miriam Wilhelm, a full professor of Sustainable Supply Chain Management at the WU. Prior to joining WU, she was a full professor of Global Supply Chains at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (2010-2022). At WU, Miriam Wilhelm will contribute Sustainability and Purchasing modules to undergraduate and graduate programs.

In her research, Miriam Wilhelm takes a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate how Global Supply Chains could be made more sustainable. Her research is phenomenon-driven, often involving field research and first-hand data collection in different industry and national contexts.

In her current project, she is focusing on forced labour in seafood supply chains in South East Asia.
Just in time with the passing of the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive CSDDD on April 24th (, Miriam Wilhelm – together with Doctoral Candidate Charlotte Both – published a new commentary on the WU Research Portal, as part of the monthly focus on democracy and economic powers. CSDDD heralds a paradigm shift as it requires companies to take responsibility for the environment and Human Rights in their global supply chains, beyond the boundaries of their business operations. This raises many questions, including how medium-sized suppliers in Emerging Markets will be affected by the new legislation.

Read the commentary here:

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