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9. Grow East Con­gress


What are the con­sequences for Cent­ral and Eastern Europe?

April 10th, 2018, WKO Con­fer­ence Center, 1040 Vi­enna

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The 9. Grow East Con­gress con­tin­ues with its tra­di­tion to high­light and dis­cuss cur­rent devel­op­ments in the busi­ness en­vir­on­ment, mar­kets and cor­por­ate strategies in Cent­ral and South­east­ern Europe.

The key­note speak­ers will ad­dress the roots and im­plic­a­tions of the rising na­tion­al­ism as well as cor­por­ate ap­proaches to re­con­cile the op­pos­ing forces of na­tion­al­ism and glob­al­iz­a­tion in their op­er­a­tions. Fur­ther top­ics covered will be the ad­vance of Ch­ina in the re­gion and re­sponses of West­ern in­vestors to the shrink­ing sup­ply of qual­i­fied work­force, IT-­ex­perts and tal­ents in CEE.

The list of key­note speak­ers in­cludes among oth­ers:

  • Prof. Leszek Bal­cerow­icz, Warsaw School of Eco­nom­ics, the mas­ter mind of the Pol­ish re­form plan in 1989,

  • Prof. An­ton Pelinka, na­tion­al­ism re­searcher at the Cent­ral European Uni­versity in Bud­apest,

  • Birgit Kram­mer­-Rech­ber­ger, the new pres­id­ent of Hen­kel Cent­ral Eastern Europe,

  • Ok­tay Er­ciyaz, CEO of Trenk­walder, a lead­ing hu­man re­sources ser­vice pro­vider in CEE,

  • Günther Ten­gel, CEO of the ex­ec­ut­ive search spe­cial­ist Am­rop-Je­ne­wein,

  • Petr Krayzel, Mall Group Prague, the lead­ing e-­com­merce group in CEE.

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