Garagenaufgang zwischen dem AD und D4 Gebäude

Research Projects

Strategies for Dropout Prevention

First Year of Teaching


Non-traditional students. Transition and resilience (ÖNB)

Learning Hubs: Build Self-Directed Learners in Innovative Learning Environments

Evaluation modular course system Draschestraße, Vienna

Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe (RESL)

Teacher Professionalism: The Double Field of Tradition and New Professionalism

Schools as culture-bearing institutions. Lessons to be learned. Part III

Quo Vadis Education? A qualitative longitudinal study of Early School Leavers habitus'.

Based on both P. Bourdieu's theory and international programmes, the professionalisation of teachers is conceptualised in terms of school and training dropout prevention and intervention.

Learning from Second Chance Education: Making Use of Good Practices in Second Chance Education to Prevent Early Leaving t Early School Leaving

Catalogue of Measures for teachers, school principals, and parents to prevent or more effectively deal with school absenteeism and early school leaving. The beginning of a new school culture

The challenges of ethnically segregated schools located in densely populated urban areas - the Vancouver Model. Searching for a good-practice model for Vienna. Part II

Socio-spacial and school segregation tendencies in a densely populated area of Vienna: Lessons to be learned from the example of Berlin. Part I

Quo vadis education? A qualitative study of early school leavers' habitus