Blick in das LC Gebäude

Prof. Dr. Susanne Kalss is a member of the FinTech Advisory Board


Prof. Susamme Kalls, University Professor at the Institute for Civil and Corporate Law and member of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics, is a member of the FinTech Advisory Council, set up by the Federal Minister of Finance to advise its ministry and the Federal Government on capital and financial market issues.

Professor Kalss currently represents WU in the main body as well as in two sub-working groups:

ICOs and regulation: This working group deals with regulation of ICOs and the classification of the different types of tokens. Various regulatory approaches and legislative initiatives of other countries are discussed. As an interim result, a text on the regulatory classification of ICOs and the various token types was compiled and published by the FMA in cooperation with the FinTech Advisory Board in October in order to increase legal certainty. The text is available in the FinTech Navigator of the FMA

Dematerialisation of Securities: This working group deals with the dematerialisation of securities as an alternative to the classical deed. In particular, the use of DLT registers for the creation of such securities is examined. By the end of the year a first concrete proposal will be prepared.

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