[Translate to English:] Institut für Kommunikationsmanagement und Medien


Corporate communication, like any type of organizational communication, is today one of the fastest growing professional fields. Good communication contributes to the added value of a company, and it is particularly important when creating and maintaining trusted and efficient relationships with stakeholders. This applies not only for internal employee cohesion, but external partnerships with customers and competitors too.

Through our teaching, we want to contribute to the training of communicators who act as mediators between companies and society, professionally support executive boards and CEOs, and organize and manage content so that it is clear, concise, and relevant to the intended audience.

For this purpose, it is important that:

  • Our teaching is research-driven and integrates theory and practice;

  • We share current trends and results from international research with our students;

  • We constantly invest in our courses and keep up with current developments both in practice, and in wider society;

  • We maintain a close cooperation between practice and research. What this means is that students have the possibility to connect with practitioners, exchange ideas, and share good practice;

  • Every student is graded in a transparent and fair manner, and they are provided with comprehensive feedback on their academic performance;

  • As teachers, we continuously train ourselves so that we are aware of the latest and most appropriate methods for knowledge dissemination.

Science stands for the solution of problems, and in Kurt Levin’s words: “there is nothing so practical as a good theory”. We seek to support our students in recognizing the value of theoretical development, along with the implications of this in the business context, within academia, and across wider society. By taking this practice-led approach, we aim to equip students with the skills necessary for a successful career in the world of business.