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If you are planning to write your bachelor thesis at our institute, please have a look at the WU Guidlines (WU-Leitfaden). BBE Students can find the list of change management topics. BBE students please consider that if you are interested in other management topics than change management you should apply at one of the other six Institutes in the Department of Management (topics such as Organization Behavior, Human Resource Management, Organization Studies, Public Management & Governance, Gender & Diversity, Non-Profit Management). If you are interested in completing your thesis at the Change Management & Management Development Institute, please send us a proposal via e-mail by

March, 26th 2021

Structure of the proposal:

  1. Name, enrolment number & email address

  2. Topic

    • working title

    • problem definition

    • precise and focused research question

    • first thoughts concerning the feasibility of your project (data, methodology etc. needed)

    • approx. 1 page in German and/or English

  3. SBWLs (specializations) attended

  4. Name of the teacher and grade concerning the course “Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens”

  5. Language of the bachelor thesis (German and/or English). If you are willing to write the bachelor thesis in English, this will enhance the chance to find a supervisor.

  6. Preferred supervisor:  And willingness (or not) to be coached by another than the preferred supervisor. Also this will enhance your chance to find a supervisor.

    • Supervisor

      • Prof. Giuseppe DELMESTRI

      • Prof. Jürgen MÜHLBACHER

      • Prof. Angelika SCHMIDT

      • Mia RAYNARD PhD

      • Elisabeth WAGNER MSc

      • MMag. Dr. Doris SCHNEEBERGER


  • Please download the first page for your proposal and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the boxes. Use this page as your first side of your proposal.

The decision, if your proposal will be supervised by our institute will be made within two weeks after the deadline. You will be informed by email.

If the bachelor thesis will not be finished at the end of the same semester you might lose your supervision.