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Educational Objectives

The journey is the reward: Educational objectives

In the course of our study programs, students acquire the ability to implement theoretical concepts and models in specific organizational circumstances. Furthermore, they should be able to identify and structure practical problems in the light of theoretical concepts, and find efficient solutions. Graduates are capable to detect, assess and develop appropriately the existing potential in various organizations. This refers both to the development of individual competences ('Social Competence', 'Human Resources Development', 'Intellectual Capital') as well as to the development of the organization itself ('Organizational Development', 'Process Management', 'Knowledge Management', 'Interface Management' etc.).

The completion of the specialization (SBWL) 'Change Management and Management Development' enables students to carry out management functions competently. In order to determine and realize organizational goals, organizations have to focus and identify on employees’ individual skills and their motivation. The advancement of students takes place primarily in the area of social competence: Recognition of social processes, selection of teams, creation of teamwork, communication skills and conflict management.

Our main goal is the development of sensitivity to organizational realities. Students should be able to identify relevant developments within the organizational environment as early as possible. Moreover, they should also learn to consider these developments for decision-making as future leaders.

Graduates will be able to structure, present and realize their findings efficiently. Furthermore, we develop students’ oral and written communication skills extensively within our program.