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Prof. Petutschnig at "WU matters. WU talks" (in German)


04/05/2022: The Global Minimum Tax - The End of Tax Dumping?

The Global Minimum Tax (in German)

No more tax dumping?

The 15% global minimum corporate tax rate is a reality. It was adopted in October 2021 to make sure that multinational enterprises don’t pay less than the global minimum tax rate. The G20 countries hailed this as a historic step to finally bring about tax justice for large multinationals. But does the reality live up to the promise? Are there any loopholes? Together with academic, business, and consulting experts, we’ll be examining whether the minimum tax actually makes international taxation fair(er).

Lecture and Moderation:

Matthias Petutschnig, Associate Professor of Accounting and Taxation, WU


Dominik Bernhofer, Tax Policy Divsion, Vienna Chamber of Labor

Iris Burgstaller, Partner, International Tax and Transfer Pricing, TPA

Ralf Kronberger, Financial, Fiscal and Tax Policy Division, WKO

Thomas Thomasberger, Head of Taxes, CEE, Siemens AG Austria

Language: German

Registration under: https://www.wu.ac.at/wumatters/terminkalender/details/detail/die-globale-mindeststeuer

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