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Harald Amberger and Agus Hidayat at the NTA in Denver, Coloroda (USA)


NTA Annual Conference on Taxation

The NTA Annual Conference on Taxation was finally held in person – the first time since 2019!

This year’s edition was hosted in Denver, Colorado and took place on November 2-4, 2023. The conference is considered one of the leading conferences in the field of taxation, covering topics in tax accounting, public economics, tax law, public policy, and tax administration.

WU Vienna University and Economics and Business was present with three speakers:

  1. Harald Amberger presented the paper “Tax System Complexity and Investment”, co-authored with John Gallemore (UNC) and Jaron Wilde (University of Iowa). He also served as a discussant for two papers.

  2. Agus Hidayat presented his solo-authored paper “Tax Office Segmentation and Tax Avoidance in a Developing Economy”, investigating how taxpayers react after having more restrictive supervision from the tax authority. 

  3. Dimitry Erokhin presented the paper “Explaining and Predicting Tax Treaty Policy with Machine Learning Algorithms”, co-authored with Martin Zagler (WU Vienna)