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2. WU Vienna Tax Camp


Presentations by Elisa Casi, Marcel Olbert, Regina Ortmann and Milda Tylaite

The 2nd WU Vienna Tax Camp took place on March 14-15, organized by Prof. Harald Amberger. The following papers were presented and discussed:

  • Elisa Casi-Eberhard (NHH Bergen, Norwegen): Lost in Information: National Implementation of Global Tax Agreements

  • Marcel Olbert (London Business School): Firms' Real and Reporting Responses to Taxation - A Review

  • Regina Ortmann (Paderborn Universität, Deutschland): The Tax Transparency Game - Effects of Information Exchange and Tax Competition on Tax Disclosure and Auditing Decisions

  • Milda Tylaite (Stockholm School of Economics, Schweden): Why Do Firms Restate and What Happens After? Evidence from Volunatry Restatements in Swedish Private Firms

The joint lunch was the ideal opportunity to get together and exchange ideas in an informal setting. We would like to thank all presenters and are already looking forward to a continuation of the WU Vienna Tax Camp series!